A Look Back at the Week that Was with Jane Bowen, Solicitor: This week – Tribunal Statistics

The Ministry of Justice has published their Employment Tribunal statistics for April to June 2018. These show that the number of single claim receipts at the Tribunal are up 165% when compared to the same period in 2017.

Whilst this is unsurprising given that Tribunal fees were still in force in the same period in 2017, the level of increase shows that we have returned to the position where aggrieved employees are issuing claims as a matter of course as the pendulum of cost vs reward has swung back in their favour. Rather interestingly though, the same statistics show that in the same period only 7% of claims were successful at hearing, the others either unsuccessful, withdrawn or settled prior to hearing.  This supports the assumption that there are number of claims being issued because “there is nothing to lose” rather than there being actually any merit to them.

Having returned from maternity leave this week after a period of 10 months, for me these statistics mean that I am returning to a very different caseload, with non-contentious matters having formed the bulk of my work previously.  With clients now facing an increase in claims, we encourage seeking legal advice at an early stage to ensure processes and procedures are being followed correctly and to minimise the financial and reputational risks that unfortunately go hand in hand with employment litigation.

Jane Bowen, Solicitor, works within Devonshires Employment & Pensions Team.


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