Acas Early Conciliation

The Acas Early Conciliation Scheme (EC),  which requires Claimants to notify Acas of their dispute before bringing a claim, came into force on 6April for a transitional month during which time EC was available, but not mandatory. EC compliance became mandatory for claims presented on or after 6 May 2014.

Acas are reporting that since EC commenced in April they have had around 1,000 people per week contacting them about EC. They have also stated that 100 employers have contacted them about EC over the course of the month. 98% of those who made contact with Acas have gone on to try out the scheme, with the first EC case settling within 24 hours.

At Devonshires we have extensive experience of dealing with Employment Tribunal claims and negotiating commercial settlements. For a fixed fee we can offer cost efficient, practical and commercial advice in relation to EC. We can therefore assess and advise on the merits of the case, potential financial exposure and reputational risks prior to a claim being issued.

Please also see our previous blog posts on the subject:

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For more information on EC please contact Ronnie Tong or Katie Maguire.

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