Employment Tribunal Statistics published

The MOJ’s quarterly Employment Tribunal statistics for the period October – December 2013 have shown that the introduction of Tribunal fees has impacted on the number of claims being received by the Tribunals. Specifically:

• The number of claims received was down 79% compared to the same period for 2012 and was down 75% when compared to the last quarter.
• The number of single claims received averaged around 1,700 in the period.
• The number of claims disposed of was 36% higher than the same period for 2012.
To put the impact of Tribunal fees into perspective the statistics show that:
• 5,000 claims were received in October 2012;
• 4,000 in June 2013;
• 7,000 in July 2013; and
• 1,000 in September 2013.

We will know more of the effect the Tribunal fees have had following the next quarterly statistics. However these figures strongly suggest that the fees are having the desired effect of deterring Claimants from bringing claims in the Tribunal.

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