Salary Sacrifice- Will this work for you?

In financially fraught times, so-called ‘salary sacrifice’ schemes are an effective way of improving your employee’s finances without increasing your costs. Under the schemes, employees agree to forgo a proportion of salary that, in turn, is used to provide a tax and/or NIC efficient non-cash benefit to increase their net pay position. This benefit could be a contribution to their pension pot, help with childcare or used to cover the cost of anything from a car, bike or lunches.

If you would like to find out more about whether salary sacrifice can work for you, join the Devonshires and KPMG workshop on Thursday 7th July.

In this 10.30am to 2pm session, speakers from Devonshires and KPMG will talk to you about how the arrangements benefit organisations, how to construct an effective salary sacrifice arrangement that will meet HMRC’s clearance procedures and how technology and total reward statements can help you to communicate with your employees.

You can download the full programme by clicking on ‘Salary Sacrifice’ below or simply email to book.

Salary Sacrifice

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