The Agency Workers Regulations – Are you ready for them?

Are the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 all just hype or will they bring about big changes? 

Whatever employers think of them, Personnel Today reported that in March 2011 the vast majority of employers were unprepared for the introduction of the Agency Workers Regulations into law in October 2011, with only 7% of employers having conducted an impact assessment and 37% being completely unfamiliar with them. 

Whatever your level of knowledge and views on the regulations it is important to understand what they really mean.  Do you know, for example, that not all rights and benefits normally recognisable as employee rights can be claimed by temps under the regulations as there are many exclusions? 

We have prepared a series of questions and answers to provide a basic understanding of what the regulations mean for you as employers – just follow the link here.

In the meantime, we would be really interested in hearing other employers views on the regulations and how your organisation is preparing for them.   Please post your views here.

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